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Silver's Bio

Sean's Favorite Bands
2.Archers of Loaf    
3.Guided by Voices    
5.Yo La Tango    

Sean's Favorite Songs
1.Whenever You See Fit - Modest Mouse and 764-Hero    
2.Motor Away - Guided by Voices    
3.Nightswimming - REM    
4.New Drink for the Old Drunk - Crooked Fingers    
5.Sidewalk - Built to Spill    

Sean's Favorite Movies
1.High Fidelity    
2.Almost Famous    
3.American Beauty    
4.The Sandlot    
5.King Kong (the original)    
6.Virgin Suicides    

Sean’s Favorite Books
1.Our Band Could Be Your Life - Michael Azerrad    
2.We Rock So You Don’t Have To - Scott Becker    
3.The Chosen - Chaim Potok    
4.Dear Mr. Hendershaw - Beverly Clearly    

Sean’s Favorite Family Trip
1.Saugatuck, Michigan. Getting lost was never so much fun.    
2.Liz & Brian’s Graduation Miami, OH    
3.Final Trip to Lake of the Ozarks    

Sean’s Favorite Foods & Drinks
2.Chicken Wings    
3.Pabst Blue Ribbon PBR Me ASAP    
4.Vitamin Water    

Sean’s Favorite Sports Teams
1.White Sox. Period.    

Sean’s Favorite Sports Moment

White Sox Winning the 2005 World Series


Sean’s Favorite Players
1.Carlton Fisk    
2.Robin Ventura    

Sean’s Favorite Quote

"Here’s the final chapter to a really long book, if it came too easy, it wouldn’t be worth all the time it took."
 - Davey Von Bohlen


Sean’s Favorite Moment

Sean’s favorite moment was telling Michele (his wife-to-be) that he loved her 10 years ago.


If you could sit down and have a beer with anyone (living or dead) you wanted, who would it be?

 Living Peter Gammons
 Dead Both of my Grandfathers

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